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There are several factors beyond aesthetics that determine the best options for your home when comes to choosing type of eavestrough to be installed. Most common variety of eavestrough installed now days is the half-round and k-style. There are several differences between these two types, however there are several factors that decide if you should be choosing half-round eavestroughs:

  • Size and type of the roof
  • Design and the size of the house
  • The budget
  • Lifespan of the eavestrough
  • Estetics

Half-round eavestrough work best for homes with rounded rooflines as well as roofs that are made of copper, steel, cedar, slate and such. Compared to k-style, the half-round eavestroughs are not commonly found as a result of more complex designs and price that comes with it. They are installed using special types of hanger brackets and threaded rods that can be a bit more costly than the hanger brackets used to install k-style eavestroughs. However, all these details add to the curb appeal of your home exponentially. The half-round variety comes in different colors and materials to meet all your needs.

To choose best fit for your home, consider these and then contact us for quote.


One of the most popular choices in home eavestrough systems. They offer a longer life, simple installation and curb appeal. If you are considering seamless aluminum eavestrough, here are a few things you should know. Aluminium is durable, but it has a tendency to get dented with falling debris and heavy storms. Although you can overlook small dings, larger dings will require some work to pull the dings out.


Few things provide more beauty and character to a home than copper gutters. Often seen on historic homes, copper ages naturally with your home, slowly developing a patina over time that enriches and deepens the beauty of your homes curb appeal. Copper gutters are not for everyone, however; make sure that you understand the pros and cons of their use before you to make the decision of what gutter material to use on your home.



Zinc gutters are usually made from an alloy of 99.5 percent zinc with small amounts of copper and titanium. Similar to copper, zinc is normally used unpainted and will develop a protective patina that protects the zinc gutter from weathering and corrosion. Zinc Gutters cost more initially, but zinc gutters have over twice the lifespan compared to some  low cost options, require no paint and very little maintenance.

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